I integrated Docker-based tools‍ SMALT whin my local Galaxy by the 
guid:https://github.com/apetkau/galaxy-hackathon-2014/tree/master/smalt, I 
found my Galaxy failed to integrate‍ with my docker.

My docker images‍:
=> docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             
smalt-galaxy        shenweiyan          bae67dfe69b5        2 hours ago         
401.9 MB
ubuntu              14.04               5506de2b643b        12 days ago         
197.8 MB
fedora              latest              7d3f07f8de5f        4 weeks ago         
374.1 MB‍

My job_conf.xml‍:
=> cat job_conf.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- A sample job config that explicitly configures job running the way it is 
configured by default (if there is no explicit config). -->
        <plugin id="local" type="runner" 
load="galaxy.jobs.runners.local:LocalJobRunner" workers="4"/>
            <handler id="main"/>
    <destinations default="docker_local">
          <destination id="local" runner="local"/>
          <destination id="docker_local" runner="local">
                <param id="smalt-galaxy">true</param>

SMALT can run successfuly by the command line:
$ docker run -v /App/Docker/smalt:/App/Docker/smalt:rw -w /App/Docker/smalt -i 
-t smalt-galaxy:shenweiyan smalt_wrapper.py -r /App/Docker/smalt/reference -f 
/App/Docker/smalt/reads.fastq -u /App/Docker/smalt/smalt.out‍

The SMALT in my Galaxy seems to work with my local samlt_x86_64 only,rather 
than in my smalt-galaxy image .
Could you give me some advices on how to solve these problems? Thanks very 
much! ‍

Best regards 
Weiyan Shen‍
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