Dear list,

I tried to make a tool that takes tsv input and have some data_columns 
selection parameters in the xml definition. It seems to work, but I get 
‘invalid option was selected’ in the browser interface for each of the 
data_columns. No logging errors or stacktraces. 

Digging a bit, I found out that the legal_values of the ColumnParameter (in 
lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/ ) is empty. It is returned empty by 
get_column_list when this does 
if not dataset.metadata.columns: on line 1184 of the above mentioned file.

Now I’m a bit at a loss, how do I set these columns, or where are those columns 
set on the metadata? Is it stored, generated from the input file? My files are 
not official formats, just tsv subclasses.

I’m on changeset 14567:007f6a80629a in galaxy-dist. 
Jorrit Boekel
Proteomics systems developer
BILS / Lehtiö lab
Scilifelab Stockholm, Sweden

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