Hello Galaxy Community,

*Galaxy Mailing Lists are moving!*

During the week of November 17-21, 2014, Galaxy mailing lists (including
this one) will be migrated from lists.bx.psu.edu to lists.galaxyproject.org

This transition should be largely transparent to you, but there are a few
things to be aware of:

   - List sender addresses and headers will change to reflect the updated
   domain: from bx.psu.edu to galaxyproject.org. Existing email filters you
   have set up may require adjustments.
   - Posts from lists.galaxyproject.org could be categorized as spam until
   you train your filtering method.
   - Mailing list archives and posting functionality will be briefly
   inaccessible during the migration.
   - The prior bx.psu.edu list posting email addresses will continue to
   accept email, which will be forwarded to the new list addresses.

As always, you can manage your subscription for any Galaxy mailing list by
following the link instructions at the bottom of this announcement. If you
should notice any problems after the migration, please do not hesitate to
let us know, via email to both "<list>-ow...@lists.galaxyproject.org"
(after the move) and to myself.

--nate, and the Galaxy Team
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