I made the erroneous assumption that if I put my own admin user API key into 
the galaxy configuration master_api_key field, it would accept that and run all 
the api functions that needed a key connected to a user.  It took fair bit of 
debugging to realize that the master_api_key field chops off all the user info 
even if it is available (i.e. has no user object), thus yielding numerous API 
errors for those things a user object is needed for.

I can see a few dev solutions to this dilemma, and am wondering what people 
think - and the result could get into a Trello feature card...

a) allow master_api_key to be accompanied by a master_api_email; together they 
trigger a user object to be associated that has the email address; and this 
eliminates all the API errors one currently gets.  I like this solution because 
it doesn't depend on the UI interface for managing user keys, i.e. its rather 
permanent and secure.

b) allow a api key called "admin_api_key" to be placed in the galaxy config 
file.  This key has to be active as one user's api key (presumably power user), 
so that all those api errors are avoided. 

c) have master_api_key just have a dummy user object included, with say 
admin@localhost for an email address.


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