Yes :(

There's been some past discussion of this from a tool developer
perspective, e.g. and

The best individual tool authors can do is something like
"$ processed with XXX" or "XXX on $"
which in a long pipeline results in extremely long names with
tools sometimes prefixed and sometimes postfixed. :(

Of course, things get really complicated when a tool has multiple
input files - in some cases the tool author could regard one set of
files as primary and preserve their name/tag only,

Naming things is hard.


On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 8:34 PM, Curtis Hendrickson (Campus)
<> wrote:
> Brad et al,
> I would like second the issue you raise so succinctly. The failure to 
> automatically
> track the original sample name throughout the analysis (that and  array 
> selection
> of paired end reads) is one of the biggest barriers people face for doing 
> work on
> many samples in galaxy. It just gets very confusing unless you spend a lot of 
> time
> workarounds (creating workflows to rename things, editing datasets 
> individually,
> etc) – especially for non-programmer users, for whom workflows with variables
> and API calls are beyond the pale.
> Regards,
> Curtis
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