I'm trying to get my instance of Galaxy working with Sun Grid Engine.  The
page https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/Performance/Cluster is not
100% clear on how to do this but I here's what my job_conf.xml looks like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
                <plugin id="local" type="runner"
load="galaxy.jobs.runners.local:LocalJobRunner" workers="4"/>
                <plugin id="sge" type="runner"
                        <!-- Override the $DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable -->
                <handler id="sge"/>
        <destinations default="sge">
                <destination id="local" runner="local" />
                <destination id="sge" runner="sge">

I tried to submit a job via Galaxy and at first the log files indicated the
shell script got created in the job_working_dir and I was a job ID, but
when the job completed, Galaxy didn't know about it.  Now, I have no jobs
runnings and I can't submit anything via Galaxy.  It doesn't appear to
submit them to SGE or even create the directory for the job.  Pastor.log
doesn't show anything either.  So, I guess I could use a little help with
getting Galaxy running with SGE.  I have a simple set up so nothing fancy.
Any ideas where to get started?
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