Hi all,

Unfortunately it appears that the new-look check box controls are wrongly
defaulting to ticking the first item rather than following the defaults given.

This is a recent regression which I noticed on updating our production Galaxy
to the 15.03 release which included a number of visual style updates to the
parameter widgets:


e.g. this example from the BLAST+ wrappers should default to all the
checkboxes being checked (ticked):

<param name="std_cols" type="select" multiple="true"
display="checkboxes" label="Standard columns">
<option selected="true" value="qseqid">qseqid = Query Seq-id (ID of
your sequence)</option>
<option selected="true" value="sseqid">sseqid = Subject Seq-id (ID of
the database hit)</option>
<option selected="true" value="pident">pident = Percentage of
identical matches</option>
<option selected="true" value="length">length = Alignment length</option>
<option selected="true" value="mismatch">mismatch = Number of
<option selected="true" value="gapopen">gapopen = Number of gap
<option selected="true" value="qstart">qstart = Start of alignment in
<option selected="true" value="qend">qend = End of alignment in query</option>
<option selected="true" value="sstart">sstart = Start of alignment in
subject (database hit)</option>
<option selected="true" value="send">send = End of alignment in
subject (database hit)</option>
<option selected="true" value="evalue">evalue = Expectation value
<option selected="true" value="bitscore">bitscore = Bit score</option>

Thus far I've only noticed this where multiple="true" since for single select
parameters I've normally opted for the radio-select button instead.

Does anyone use multiple="false" (default) with display="checkboxes"?

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