I am a new galaxy developer playing with writing my first plugins

In my plugin xml configaration file:
I want to be able to increase the value of one parameter based on another using

  <command interpreter="python">
    #if $rows.option =="header_ignore"
        #set $data_start = $rows.ignore + 1

but I get:
unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'InputValueWrapper' and 'int'

A hack workaround I found was:
    #set $data_start = int(str($rows.ignore)) + 1

I just wondered if there was a cleaner way to get the integer value from a 
InputValueWrapper object.

Which is set to integer by:
<param name="ignore" size="4" type="integer" value="1" ....

If documentation exist somwere please send me an RTFM link.
(I didn't find it in 

Thanks in advance
Christian Brenninkmeijer
University of Manchester

Ps. If you want to see exactly what I am playing with see
(Note that is subject to change as I learn)

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