Hi all,

I have a public galaxy server here at FSU that is running behind an apache 
proxy and on our cluster file system so that jobs can be submitted to our hpc 

I have a user that receives an 'Internal Server Error' when going to 'Custom 
Builds'  This error seems to only occur for the one user and from what I can 
see it may be the case that there is a single mapper is causing the problem.  
(Sys-admin here, not a bioinformatics person :)

The errors I pulled from the logs are below.  Is it possible there is some 
mapper causing the problem?  If so is there a way I can remove it?

Any help would be appreciated and thanks,
Don Shrum
FSU Research Computing Center

InvalidRequestError: One or more mappers failed to initialize - can't proceed 
with initialization of other mappers.  Original exception was: Class 
'kombu.transport.sqlalchemy.Message' is not mapped
galaxy.jobs.handler ERROR 2015-05-13 13:44:25,150 Exception in monitor_step

WSGI Variables
  application: <paste.recursive.RecursiveMiddleware object at 0x8691650>
  is_api_request: False
  original_wsgi.url_scheme: 'http'
  paste.cookies: (<SimpleCookie: 
  paste.expected_exceptions: [<class 'paste.httpexceptions.HTTPException'>]
  paste.httpexceptions: <paste.httpexceptions.HTTPExceptionHandler object at 
  paste.httpserver.thread_pool: <paste.httpserver.ThreadPool object at 
  paste.recursive.forward: <paste.recursive.Forwarder from />
  paste.recursive.include: <paste.recursive.Includer from />
  paste.recursive.include_app_iter: <paste.recursive.IncluderAppIter from />
  paste.recursive.script_name: ''
  paste.throw_errors: True
  request_id: '57170782f99611e4af7a00219ba29ca2'
  webob._parsed_query_vars: (MultiDict([]), '')
  wsgi process: 'Multithreaded'
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