I started pulling Galaxy code from the dev branch a few months ago to take 
advantage of the (then just emerging) dataset collections feature.  However, it 
is not clear to me from the latest release notes if the data collections are 
now fully merged into master, or if I should continue to use the code in the 
dev branch to take advantage of bleeding edge code.  I would like to move back 
to the master branch as soon as feasible.

When running workflows over dataset collections I will frequently see errors 

/bin/sh: 1: 
Text file busy

Which, from what I can tell, occurs when one process is trying to modify/delete 
a file open in another process.  While the error seems to be repeatable, it 
also seems random as the errors do not occur in the same places if I run the 
workflow multiple times.

Given that I am working from the dev branch I don't want to open/raise issues 
on features still in development.  But if this is unexpected then I can do some 
more investigating and file a proper bug report.


Research Associate
Department of Computer Science
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY

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