Hi All,

I am a bit lost here.

In my xml I have the following sections:

<param type="data" format="tabular" name="amplitudes" label="amplitude file"/> <param name="samples" type="select" refresh_on_change="true" display="checkboxes" multiple="true" label="Mark quality control samples" dynamic_options='get_column_names(amplitudes)'/>

<code file="dynamic_options.py" />

In my dynamic_options.py script, I want to parse the headers from 'amplitudes' file and show them in the checkboxes section.

My problem seems to be the following.

In python, amplitudes is a galaxy object:
<galaxy.model.HistoryDatasetAssociation object at 0x7f4fc020a210>

How do I parse/access this file to get the headers?

It seems to be partly the same problem as asked last week in this conversation: http://dev.list.galaxyproject.org/Question-about-using-dynamic-options-and-refresh-on-change-for-rendering-2-associated-select-lists-td4667943.html


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