Dear Galaxy Team,

I am trying to create my own visualization for a unique datatype but I cannot 
get past this error in the load.  Where is the ID tag assigned for my 


galaxy.datatypes.registry ERROR 2015-12-10 15:10:13,440 Error loading display 
(/home/HM_galaxy/config/plugins/visualizations/heatmap/config/heatmap.xml): ID 
tag is required for a Display ApplicationTraceback (most recent call last): 
File "/home/HM_galaxy/lib/galaxy/datatypes/", line 563, in 
load_display_applications display_app = DisplayApplication.from_file( 
config_path, app ) File 
 line 253, in from_file return cls.from_elem( parse_xml( filename ).getroot(), 
app, filename=filename ) File 
 line 257, in from_elem att_dict = cls._get_attributes_from_elem( elem ) File 
 line 265, in _get_attributes_from_elem assert display_id, “ID tag is 
required for a Display Application”AssertionError: ID tag is required for 
a Display Application
The  /visualizations/heatmap/config/heatmap.xml  file it is complaining about 
is below and I have a template under /templates
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><!DOCTYPE visualization SYSTEM 
"../../visualization.dtd"><visualization name="heatmap"> <data_sources> 
<data_source> <model_class>HistoryDatasetAssociation</model_class> <test 
type="isinstance" test_attr="datatype" result_type="datatype">text.chm</test> 
<to_param param_attr="id">dataset_id</to_param> </data_source> </data_sources> 
<params> <param type="dataset" var_name_in_template="hda" 
required="true">dataset_id</param> </params> 
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