1) Could it be made possible to load generalised tabular data from file
with column headings being recognised as column headings rather than
appearing as the first row of the table? It looks like this is in general
possible as more specific file types (e.g. gtf) do get displayed with
column headings, so the data structures obviously support that.

2) With data sets that do have column headings, is there any reason why the
'Join two Datasets' tool couldn't retain the column headings from both sets
in the final output rather than just the first one?

3) Could the 'Join two Datasets'  tool allow selection of the columns by
name rather than by number?

To me these three changes would make it much easier for our users to
manipulate and join tables of genes and gene annotations, but I'm new to
Galaxy and maybe there are reasons why it doesn't work this way?

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