Hello Galaxians,

I’m running Galaxy 15.10 and running workflows that include tools that require 
reference genomes (e.g. Extract Genomic DNA).  I set the dbkey for the input 
dataset and it is retained for some tools, but not others.  Running the 
workflow multiple times, it looks like the dbekey is lost at different tool 
points in the workflow.  Is this a known issue or is there some setting I’ve 
missed.  I’ve seen where the output dattype can be set for each tool, but not 
the dbkey.  This is a problem because any tools that require a dbkey downstream 
result in errors.

I was running the dev branch for a while, but workflow bugs in that branch 
forced me to revert back to 15.10.

I’ve searched biostar and the mail lists, but haven’t seen an answer for this 
specific issue, although there are several related threads from the past.  
Sorry if it’s been answered and I missed it.

Thanks very much for any help you can provide,

Greg Von Kuster

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