I'm having trouble getting visualization icons, like Phyloviz, to show up
on my Galaxy instance running in CentOS 6.7. Here are the steps I took,
expecting it to work:

1. cloned Galaxy tag v15.07 (that's the version we need to run in

 2. Followed the steps in https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/VisualizationSetup
  - Renamed datatypes_conf.xml.sample to
  - Downloaded wigToBigWig, bedGraphToBigWig, and faToTwoBit
  - Installed BED Tools
  - Added above tools to my user path (galaxy_utils dir is where
wigToBigWig and others are):
3. Started Galaxy.

4. Uploaded a newick tree file (nhx), which is known to be displayable in
phyloviz on a Ubuntu instance of Galaxy

5. Made sure the datatype is nhx

6. Expecting to see a Phyloviz "graph" icon on the left, when I expand the
file in history, but there is nothing there.

At this point I don't know where to dig to find how I can fix it. Any
feedback, including your own stories for visualization setup or how I can
debug what's not being picked up where, would be greatly appreciated.

Oksana Korol
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