Hello all,

I know it's late in the game (I meant to email about this last week)
but *Galaxy
is applying to the 2016 Google Summer of Code as part of the Open Genome
Informatics group*.  That group includes GMOD, Reactome, Wormbase, OICR,
and if we get some ideas in, Galaxy.

*The application goes in on Friday, which means ideas are due by the end of
Thursday* (which may be today, by the time you read this).

If you have ideas, please post 'em.  Details and links are below.

Thanks, and again I apologize for the late notice,

Dave C

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Dear All,

I’ve updated the Open Genome Informatics page: http://gmod.org/wiki/GSoC.,
in preparation for applying for this year’s Google Summer of Code.

If you are interested in participating, please

   1. Let me, Scott and Marc (cc’d) know.
   2. Post your project ideas on
   http://gmod.org/wiki/GSOC_Project_Ideas_2016 over the next week; the
   application process has started.

Last year’s project idea page is

Scott, Marc and I will work on the application.

Please take a look over the pages and provide any feedback?
Questions? Please let me know!

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