I have connected my galaxy to a Slurm cluster via DRMAA. Galaxy can send jobs 
to the cluster without problems. But then I configure galaxy to use “real 
users” I got this error:

"User myu...@mydomain.es<mailto:myu...@mydomain.es> is not mapped to any real 
user, and not permitted to start jobs”

Could you help me?


This is my job_con.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <plugins workers="6">
       <plugin id="drmaa" type="runner" 
load="galaxy.jobs.runners.drmaa:DRMAAJobRunner" workers="2">
   <handlers default="handlers">
       <handler id="main" tags="handlers"/>
   <destinations default="drmaa">
       <destination id="drmaa" runner="drmaa">

this is my auth_conf.xml:
<?xml version="1.0"?>


           <!-- Whether users are allowed to change their password. Default is
                False. -->

And this is my galaxy.ini:

port = 8080
host =
use_threadpool = True
threadpool_kill_thread_limit = 10800

prefix = /galaxy
paste.app_factory = galaxy.web.buildapp:app_factory
database_connection = postgres://xxxxxxxx:xxxxxx@xxxxx/galaxy_project
database_engine_option_server_side_cursors = True
database_engine_option_strategy = threadlocal
new_file_path = database/tmp
tool_config_file = config/tool_conf.xml,config/shed_tool_conf.xml
tool_dependency_dir = dependency_dir
cluster_files_directory = database/pbs
smtp_server = localhost
use_nglims = False
nglims_config_file = tool-data/nglims.yaml
debug = true
use_interactive = True
require_login = True
allow_user_creation = False
allow_user_deletion = True
allow_user_impersonation = True
allow_user_dataset_purge = True
new_user_dataset_access_role_default_private = True
auth_config_file = config/auth_conf.xml
enable_quotas = True
expose_dataset_path = False
job_config_file = config/job_conf.xml
enable_job_recovery = True
outputs_to_working_directory = True
drmaa_external_runjob_script = scripts/drmaa_external_runner.py
drmaa_external_killjob_script = scripts/drmaa_external_killer.py
external_chown_script = scripts/external_chown_script.py

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