On monday 04/04, @bgruening <https://github.com/bgruening> and some members
of Galaxy team (me and @nitesh1989 <https://github.com/nitesh1989> at
least) would want to get a Hackathon on adding IUC / Devteam tools Conda

Hackathon begins at: 2pm (UTC-4) / 8pm (UTC+2).

It will be as following:

   -  @bgruening <https://github.com/bgruening> will give a small
   introduction how to create a recipe and the scripts involved in it]
   -  Introduce everyone to conda and bioconda
   -  Then we pick a simple tool and create it
   -  @bgruening <https://github.com/bgruening> will provide a list with
   bugs that needs to be fixed on the framework level


   - get familiar with conda packaging the conda-Galaxy integration
   - remove tools from the testing blacklists: 1
   <https://github.com/galaxyproject/tools-iuc/blob/master/.tt_blacklist> 2
    3 <https://github.com/bgruening/galaxytools/blob/master/.tt_blacklist>
   - Integrate Travis-conda testing in GalaxyP
   - Integrate Travis-conda testing in galaxy_blast (@peterjc

Infrastructure work:

   - galaxyproject/galaxy#2047
   - condarc is update if you add new channels, but you can not remove
   - conda is not working in the Galaxy Docker image
   - bioconda needs to archive all tarballs to depot.galaxyproject.org
   - Galaxy Admin support to remove environments

Let us know <https://github.com/galaxyproject/tools-iuc/issues/700> if you
are interested :).

Bjorn, Remi and the Galaxy Team
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