Hi All,

I'm currently caught between the requests of our Galaxy users to install things 
from main tool-shed, and our information security dept's concerns r.e. the 
automated installation of tool-deps on our systems. Due to restrictive web 
access policies for servers here our galaxy server can't access SourceForge, 
where many tool-dep downloads are. A request to unblock this for a particular 
tool-dep package led to our infosec justifiably raising concerns r.e. a 
tool-dep package that is quite out of date (details sent off list previously). 
We're now currently unable to install tool-shed tools that users have requested.

The current proposal from our infosec dept is to get all our deps from system 
repos etc. However the way I'm aware of implementing this for tool-shed tools, 
which need to run across our cluster, would be something pretty arduous like:

* Clone the tool from the upstream toolshed repo
* Edit the tool code to remove the package requirements
* Identify and install all the requirements on the cluster as system pkgs / 
environment modules - with attention to versions so things work as expected
* Edit the tool code so it knows to load the right environment modules / set 
right PATH when it runs
* Install the tool into our galaxy 'tools' dir , not the 'shed_tools'
* Manually add the tool to galaxy's tool_conf.xml.main
* Schedule downtime to restart galaxy
* Test things out

.... or we have to host our own tool shed, import tools we want from upstream, 
edit out the package requirements, provide the deps ourselves. These have all 
the headaches of merging things in when upstream shed-tools change.

Just wondering if I'm missing anything? I know you can turn off 'handle 
repository dependencies' when installing a tool, but the tool still defines 
'requirements' in its XML file and shows 'Missing repository/tool dependencies' 
in the Admin.  Has anyone had any experience of dealing with this kind of 

Many thanks!

David Trudgian Ph.D.
Computational Scientist, BioHPC
Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX 75390-9039
Tel: (214) 648-4833


UT Southwestern

Medical Center

The future of medicine, today.

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