Hmm.. Seems that Lior Patcher was OK with it, but the IUC still doesn't want to support the wrapper? That's a bit disappointing.

Do people see issues with putting a wrapper for this on the public toolshed? And/or a package to install the dependency?


Björn Grüning wrote:

Hi Lance,

Kallisto has some licensing issues and the IUC decided to not offer it
as IUC tool.

Some related thread:!topic/kallisto-sleuth-users/oVRg69Zmots


Am 29.04.2016 um 16:37 schrieb Lance Parsons:

I've had requests from users to install Kallisto as Galaxy tool. I
didn't see any wrappers or evidence of wrappers in my searching, but I
thought I'd ask here to see if anyone is working on or interested in
working on such a thing.
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