A general note, besides <sanitize> which sounds like a fine choice, a
technique I've used where the form's input might have some wonky
characters in it, including carriage returns, but these need to be
received and processed via a command line, is to use encode():


Then over in receiving python script

Rules = rulesparam.decode('base64')


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>Subject: [galaxy-dev] how to get raw input from GUI
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>I am working on a wrapper for gatk and including
>            <repeat name="filters" title="filter names and expressions"
>help="--filterName, --filterExpression">
>                <param name="filter_name" type="text" value=""
>title="Filter name to be included in the analysis" />
>                <param name="filter_exp" type="data" value=""
>expression to be included in the analysis" />
>            </repeat>
>in it, however, when I reference it using
>it would translate 'FS > 30.0' into XXXFS __gt__ 30.0XXX
>is there a way that I could keep the original text string 'FS > 30.0'? I
>did a quick lookup online but didn't see anything in cheetah's user guide
>or other places.

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