Dear Galaxy development team,

I am trying to analyze RNAseq data using the following pipeline:

FASTQ Trimmer | HISAT | Cufflinks | Cuffmerge | Cuffdiff | CummeRbund

I am able to run everything without a problem up to the CuffDiff step. I always 
get an error message. I sent a bug report and posted on Biostars-Galaxy. Jen 
replied to my comment on Biostars and recommended I email galaxy-dev.

Please see the details of the error message here:

I think it may have a problem loading the SQlite database? Even though CuffDiff 
gives an error message, I was still able to download the data from CuffDiff in 
tabular format and perform some data analysis using R. However, it would be 
useful to be able to use cummeRbund to analyze the cuffdiff data.

Thank you in advance for all your help. Let me know if there is any other 
information I can provide to clarify the error, etc.

Best Regards,

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