Hi Hans-Rudolf,

here is my progress: If I use Kitematic and download galaxy-stable I can run it and tools can be installed including dataset are also not lost after shutdown. I haven't found the path for my files and I would like to modify also the galaxy.ini. The export path is set to c:/user/documents/kitematic/export but there are no files? On commandline (powershell) it is not possible to get it running. Somehow I get many errors like I told you before and the galaxy instance is never running in my browser.

does anyone know where I can find the containers, I mean a path to my containers would be nice?

If I run your commands on Linux its of curse working and I can set up everything that I need....

Cheers Jochen

On 31.08.2016 16:08, Hans-Rudolf Hotz wrote:
Hi Jochen

I would definitively go for the native docker for Windows and not using
docker tool box. Though, this is based on my experience using native
docker for Mac versus docker tool box.

Maybe someone else on the list has experience with running Bjoern's
docker images on windows?

Yes, once you get the '-v' option running, it will be possible to modify
galaxy files and keep the changes.


On 08/31/2016 01:56 PM, Jochen Bick wrote:
Hi Hans-Rudolf,

thanks for the quick reply.

docker run -i -t -p 8080:80 -v E:\galaxy_storage\:/export/
bgruening/galaxy-stable /bin/bash

this looks really nice. Is it possible to modify galaxy files in the
interactive session or will it all be reseted after closing the session?

This will provide an interactive session. You can then start Galaxy (and
other stuff like the required PostgreSQL server) with

startup > log 2>&1 &

the startup takes quite a long time and also shows a lot of errors like:
could not connect to server: Connection refused
      Is the server running on host "localhost" ( and accepting
      tcp/ip connections on port 5432?

and its not running.

and have access to the container.

with regard to using the '-v' option: are you using the native docker
for Windows or are you using the docker tool box?

I'm using native docker for Windows. is there any benefit using docker
tool box?

Best Jochen
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