Hi folks,
Today after perform some tests with conda on galaxy 16.07 the follow
message was returned in my terminal:

"*Conda dependency seemingly installed but failed to build job environment.*

The error occurs when *build_isolated_environment()* function is call.
Below some variable values:

*is_installed* = *True*
*job_directory* = */home/leobiscassi/programs/galaxy/job_work_dir/000/17*
*env_path* =
*exit_code* = *127*

Analyzing inside of the *build_isolated_environment()*, the
*exec_create() *function
is executed because *path* variable (
*/home/leobiscassi/programs/galaxy/job_work_dir/000/17/conda-env*) don't
exists, the command executed by *exec_create* is showed below:

*deps/_conda/bin/conda create -y --unknown --offline --prefix
/home/leobiscassi/programs/galaxy/job_work_dir/000/17/conda-env --file
> /dev/null*

Some important values:

*env* = *{'HOME': 'deps/_conda', 'CONDARC':

The command return is '*/bin/sh: 1: deps/_conda/bin/conda: not found*', but
the binary exist. Anyone can help me with this?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
*Léo Biscassi*
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