A couple days ago, I was having problem with uploading data to Galaxy. I
had no clue why this happened. Seems some kind of validator didn't pass.
Here is the message:

You will need to reselect the file you specified

I searched and found this error message is in galaxy release before, but
not in this release:

<validator type="expression" message="You will need to reselect the file
you specified (%s)." substitute_value_in_message="True">not ( ( isinstance(
value, unicode ) or isinstance( value, str ) ) and value != ""
)</validator> <!-- use validator to post message to user about needing to
reselect the file, since most browsers won't accept the value attribute for
file inputs -->

My understanding of this comment is that user needs to select a file as the
input file. It could not
be set due to security reasons. I didn't get it...still confused.

However, today I found that we are using an external 8tb drive that is
physically attached on another host as the data store. Seems postgresql
takes it well, but galaxy doesn't. The file system is CIFS. When I looked
at the permissions, there is a + at the end, but when I use getfacl, I
don't see anything besides the regular user/group/other.

In ths past we have used external drives directly connected to the galaxy
instance and it always worked. So...does galaxy not support disks not
physically attached?? I feel this is less likely, maybe what I'm seeing is
a coincidence? What exactly caused this?

Any input will be greatly appreciated. :-)

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