Dear Galaxy developers,

We hereby want to ask if anyone is interested in helping out to repair and 
update our Galaxy tool 'odose':



Public server page<>


Odose enables users to perform an array of population genetics tests on 
prokaryote genomes. Our tool is currently linked to NCBI to download various 
files, but continuous restructuring at NCBI has resulted in broken links which 
prevent the pipeline from working. Developer Tim te Beek has moved on outside 
academia and does not have the time to fix it, but is available to give answer 
question/give instructions. We believe our tool is highly useful for 
microbiologists and would greatly appreciate any help from the Galaxy community 
to get it working properly again! Please get in touch if you would like to know 

Best Wishes, Michiel Vos, Mark van Passel and Tim te Beek

Michiel Vos
European Centre for Environment and Human Health
University of Exeter
ESI Building, Penryn Campus
TR10 9FE Penryn, UK
0044 (0)1326259464

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