Hi Lance

I don't remember seeing the problem you describe with our servers. If I do your query, I get:

(1 row)

looking at the actual ids, they are all in the lower three digits range and many years old.

Regards, Hans-Rudolf

On 11/30/2016 08:20 PM, Lance Parsons wrote:
I've run into issues over the past year where some jobs would
occasionally fail to start (stuck in a `new` state). I tracked them down
to a situataion where `dataset.deleted` is set to `t` yet the
`history_dataset_association.deleted` is `f`. Simply setting
`dataset.deleted` to `f` in those instances resolved the issue and the
jobs ran. The datasets have all still been on disk.

Since this is a pretty annoying situation, I thought I'd check to see if
there are other datasets with this problem. Shockingly, I found many
thousands of such datasets:

select count(d.id)
     from dataset d
     join history_dataset_association hda on d.id = hda.dataset_id
     where d.deleted = 't' and hda.deleted = 'f';
(1 row)

I'm hesitant to update so many rows in my database so I thought I'd put
this out there for comment. What do others see when running the above
query? Has anyone run into this or a similar issue? Thanks.

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