> I am trying to move my histories from the galaxy server at psu to the one at 
> the Ratsch lab (http://galaxy.tuebingen.mpg.de) but all my attempts seem to 
> be taking forever. I have tried moving the whole set or individual parts of 
> it but with no success. From the Ratsch lab server I get the following 
> message: The resource could not be found. 
> File Not Found 
> (/home/galaxy/galaxy-2.1.2009/database/files/064/dataset_64040.dat).
> Any ideas?

The first question it to determine whether the problem is in exporting the 
history or importing the history. When you click on the link provided by Galaxy 
for exporting the history, do you get a valid gzipped tar file that you can 
unpack and view? Within the unpacked directory, is there a datasets directory 
with a large number of non-zero size files?

If not, the problem is likely with the public/PSU server. If so, the problem is 
probably with the Ratsch Galaxy server. Can you determine which server is 

Also, if this doesn't make much sense to you, you can share your history with 
me (Options --> Share/Publish) and I can take a look myself.


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