Hi David,

I'm having trouble exporting the history, and it's likely because it's 
continuing to change. If you're exporting a history but change it, the export 
will restart because it's old. You'll need to stop working with a history in 
order to fully export it.


On Jan 10, 2011, at 5:23 PM, David Matthews wrote:

> Hi,
> When I ask it to export, it directs me to a new page where it says its 
> exporting it all to 
> http://main.g2.bx.psu.edu/history/export_archive?id=7c3a5dc0aaa612c6. I may 
> have been a bit greedy in asking it to export the whole thing - is this the 
> reason? I probably only need to export a subset of the files, but even if I 
> right click on a file and as it to provide a link I can paste in to the 
> "upload file" portion of the Ratsch server nothing happens.
> I've also added you to the shared list.
> Thanks for your help with this.
> Cheers
> David
> On 10 Jan 2011, at 22:05, Jeremy Goecks wrote:
>>> I am trying to move my histories from the galaxy server at psu to the one 
>>> at the Ratsch lab (http://galaxy.tuebingen.mpg.de) but all my attempts seem 
>>> to be taking forever. I have tried moving the whole set or individual parts 
>>> of it but with no success. From the Ratsch lab server I get the following 
>>> message: The resource could not be found. 
>>> File Not Found 
>>> (/home/galaxy/galaxy-2.1.2009/database/files/064/dataset_64040.dat).
>>> Any ideas?
>> The first question it to determine whether the problem is in exporting the 
>> history or importing the history. When you click on the link provided by 
>> Galaxy for exporting the history, do you get a valid gzipped tar file that 
>> you can unpack and view? Within the unpacked directory, is there a datasets 
>> directory with a large number of non-zero size files?
>> If not, the problem is likely with the public/PSU server. If so, the problem 
>> is probably with the Ratsch Galaxy server. Can you determine which server is 
>> problematic?
>> Also, if this doesn't make much sense to you, you can share your history 
>> with me (Options --> Share/Publish) and I can take a look myself.
>> Thanks,
>> J.


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