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On 1/10/11 8:56 AM, Sonali Amonkar wrote:

Am a newbie to Galaxy and was looking for some basic answers about Galaxy's 
offerings till date:

1. Is there any way that I can plug in a small work flow inside another work 
flow (sub work flow) in Galaxy?
Not at this time.

2. Is there any step wise process documented somewhere to install Galaxy on 
Galaxy does not run on Windows. As a work-around, we recommend using VirtualBox or another virtualization product and running Linux in it.

3. Does Galaxy have any commercial support offered?
Not at this time.

4. Which languages can the Galaxy tools be built in? (Java, C, C++, etc) ?
Any language is OK, if the following conditions are met:

1. All parameters, including inputs and outputs, need to be able to be
specified on the command line or in a dynamically-generated config file.

2. The program doesn't write anything to STDERR unless it's really an

If either of these are untrue, you may need a wrapper, but it can be
written in anything.

5. Does Galaxy have any monitoring tools to keep a check on the process and the 
statistics at run time?
There's a script at galaxy-dist/scripts/check_galaxy.py that can be used
to check that a Galaxy server is up and able to run jobs.  It is invoked

  % python ./scripts/check_galaxy.py <server>

On first run, it will explain how to store the email and password of the
Galaxy account to use.

There's also a script at galaxy-dist/cron/check_galaxy.sh which is a
wrapper for the python script which can be used with cron.

Answers to any questions above will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Sonali Amonkar
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