Excerpts from Sonali Amonkar's message of Sun Jan 16 17:17:14 +0000 2011:

> I agree what you mentioned on Tools. Does Galaxy have any provision
> for executing Workflows from command line too?

Currently I don't think this is implemented, but the plan is that this
would be done through the API.

> At initial glance I was unable to figure out what the scripts are
> for(am basically not familiar with Python). Until I try to figure that
> out, can you just let me know whether, in the first place, if Galaxy
> does provide (or has a Beta version planned of) some API library (say
> Galaxy.tar) which I can pick up and put in my Java project and then
> create workflows & tools?

Galaxy is primarily a web application, and the API provided is REST /
HTTP based. The python scripts are command line wrappers for accessing
this. If you want to use the API from a Java application, you would just
access it directly through the web. We do not provide any special
support for Java, but you are welcome to contribute and API wrapper.

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