Hi Dannon,

Thanks for your answer. The feature is excellent, and just like I imagined it! I just wonder if there would be a way to make it more obvious for new users, maybe by replacing this small arrow by a small icon that says 'workflow' or 'user'?


On 01/02/11 18:06, Dannon Baker wrote:
On Jan 31, 2011, at 10:29 PM, Florent Angly wrote:
In a workflow, the only part that is dynamic and configurable by the workflow user is the 
input files at the moment. I think it would be nice to allow setting parameters for some 
specific workflow steps. For example, say that my workflow involves running Megablast, as 
a workflow designer, I would be able to tick a box that makes the "word size" 
input be changed by the user when he runs the workflow.

What do you think? Does this feature already exist? Are there plans to 
implement it?
This feature does exist.  Using your example, in the workflow editor select 
your megablast step and then click the downward facing triangle next to the 
word size parameter label.  You will see a menu with an option, 'Set at 
runtime', that will allow you to do exactly what you're suggesting.


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