Hello all,

Registration is now open for the March 2011 GMOD Meeting (
http://gmod.oicr.on.ca/wiki/March_2011_GMOD_Meeting). This meeting is part
of GMOD Americas 2011, an event that includes a day of Satellite Meetings, a
GMOD Course (ialready full), and for the first time, an "Introduction to
GMOD" session the night before the meeting for GMOD newcomers. GMOD Americas
2011 events are being held at the US National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
(NESCent) in Durham, North Carolina, United States.

As with previous GMOD meetings, this meeting will have a mixture of project
talks, component talks, and user talks. Our guest speaker is Dr. Eric Stone
of North Carolina State University.  Dr. Stone will talk about his
experience on the "Drosophila Genome Reference Panel," a project that is
sequencing 192 lines.  See
http://gmod.oicr.on.ca/wiki/March_2011_GMOD_Meeting#Agenda for more.

The agenda is driven by attendee suggestions, and you are encouraged to add
your suggestions now (
http://gmod.oicr.on.ca/wiki/March_2011_GMOD_Meeting#Agenda_Proposals). For
examples of what happens at a GMOD meeting, see the writeup of the September
2010 GMOD Meeting (http://gmod.oicr.on.ca/wiki/September_2010_GMOD_Meeting),
or any previous meeting. GMOD meetings are an excellent way to meet GMOD
developers and users and to learn (and affect) what's coming in the project.

Registration for the March 2011 GMOD Meeting is
  $80 on or before February 18 <<<<=======
  $95 after February 18

Please register early, both to save money, and ensure a spot. You are also
strongly encouraged to sign up for (or propose) a Satellite Meeting (more
details to come). Details on transportation, suggested lodging, and other
logistics are on the GMOD Americas 2011 page.

This meeting, and all GMOD Americas 2011 events, are jointly sponsored by
NESCent and the Galaxy Project.

Dave Clements
Galaxy Project

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