I was trying to extract FASTA sequences using the following tab separated data 
for Chicken on the Galaxy Main server:

chr5     47258168        47259240
chr18    1938527         1939965
chr2     101973625       101974007
chr4     75653898        75674045
chr19    4258837         4263299
chr4     39330049        39372715
chr4     9606881         9610083
chr15    7264937         7265599
chr21    6659189         6667015
chr2     351239          352821

I got the following galaxy output:


7: Extract Genomic DNA on data 6
format: fasta, database: galGal3
Info: 10 warnings, 1st is: Unable to fetch the sequence from '47258168' to 
'1072' for build 'galGal3'.
Skipped 10 invalid lines, 1st is #1, "chr5 47258168 47259240"

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


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