Hello all,

I'm using the blastn tool and Galaxy is generating this command (pasting from 
the log file):

command is: perl /opt/galaxy/dev/galaxy_dist_dev_umma/tools/blast/psub -l 
galaxy_normal.c --fasta 
/opt/galaxy/dev/galaxy_dist_dev_umma/database/files/001/dataset_1377.dat --cat 
/opt/galaxy/dev/galaxy_dist_dev_umma/database/files/001/dataset_1378.dat blastn 
-db "/house/blast_db/ncbi/nt/2011-01-11/nt" -task blastn -evalue 0.001 -out 
-outfmt "6"

It's failing in Galaxy and I get a "script psub: No such file" kind of error 
running it at the command line ... I'm assuming psub here isn't the Unix 
command. According to find, my Galaxy installation doesn't have a 
galaxy_normal.c file either.

Is there something I didn't install?

 - Todd Yilk
   Software Developer
   Los Alamos National Laboratory

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