Hello all,
I am trying to run through the GATK pipeline on the Galaxy Test page. I have a 
question related to the UnifiedGenotyper wrapper page. At the bottom of the 
page, I choose the 
"Advanced" tab for "Basic or Advanced Analysis options." 
After the automatically refreshed, I choose the "Annotation Types" that I was 
interested in. Then below that are options for "Annotation Interfaces/Groups:" 
What are these options used for? I have looked all over the web, on the GATK 
wiki and at the GATK Q&A page (located at getsatisaction.com) without any luck. 
Are these options important? 
The description located at the bottom of the page lists: Group - One or more 
classes/groups of annotations to apply to variant calls.
What type of group or class is "Standard", "Experiments" or "WorkInProgress?" 
Does "class" refer to a Java "class" in a similar way that annotations are 
"arguments?"  Any clarification would be very helpful.
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