I run Barcode Splitter (from public Galaxy server) and am unable to
download the text files generated by the barcode splitter, got an
error message which says '

Could not find 'FASTQ_Groomer_on_data_1__V1.txt' on the extra files

The run was Ok (green colour) but yet i was unable to download the
text files. Could you please advise?

Also, I wonder if you could help regarding the local Galaxy.. I used
VirtualBox to install the local copy, and installed according to the
instructions as in the website, command as "hg clone https://...."; The
setup was smooth and went OK. The problem starts when I run the local
Galaxy using real data. I could upload the files, but have problems
with the fastQC and barcode splitter, I could not proceed any further
since these two operations could not be run...The error messages are:

 An error occurred running this job: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/Desktop/galaxy-dist/tools/rgenetics/rgFastQC.py", line
141, in <module>
assert os.path.isfile(opts.executable),'##rgFastQC.py error - cannot
find executable %s' % opts.executable

Barcode Splitter
An error occurred running this job:
line 65: fastx_barcode_splitter.pl: command not found

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe

Can anyone help me please? I installed the local Galaxy but could not
proceed further. I then used the public Galaxy but could not download
the files....

Hope to hear from you. Thanks very much.

Best regards

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