This has been raised a number of times .. one issue is at ...


but seems to have been dropped from Open to On Hold. There was another
similar request in the issues list but I can't find it just now.

I'd be gald to know if anything is happening on the idea of simple progress
indicators. The first things that were raised by my "users" were 1) Don't
know how long a data upload is going to take, and b) Don't know what's
happening with my tool execution. (And these were both operations of only
5-10 minutes or so, they'd go crazy with the multi-GB uploads and
hours-long runs I see reported here).

I've implemented my own email-based scheme on a AWS EC2 CloudMan Galay,
seems to be working ok. It uses an Ubuntu package "sendEmail", which is a
self-conatined simple SMTP email sender. It sends progress emails out of
the main Perl tool code, via a bash script,  every 1 to N minutes
(selectable), to an email address supplied by the user. The emails have
configurable subject and content with brief display of Start, Progress
(every N minutes) and Success/Failure termination status.

You have to jump through some hurdles. AWS thinks your'e a spammer and
blocks emails after a while ! but you can submit a request to get around

If anyone's interested let me know.

Greg E

Greg Edwards,
Port Jackson Bioinformatics
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