Hi Todd,

>     [Not sure if this is better suited to galaxy-dev or -user, so I'm sending 
> to both].

galaxy-user is most appropriate for this question because it related to usage 
of Galaxy; galaxy-dev is for local installation and tool development questions.

> My question is - can I create a Galaxy 'Published Page' from my local Galaxy 
> instance/histories, and then transfer that page to the main Galaxy instance?

Not currently, though this is in our long-term plan.

> The reason is that I cannot make my local Galaxy instance public, as I am 
> using a campus resource to host our galaxy.  If this is possible, how can I 
> do that?  If not, any other ideas?

It is possible to move datasets and workflows relatively easily between 
instances, so I'd recommend that:

(a) you move your data and workflows to our public instance;
(b) rerun your analyses on the public instance to create the required;
(c) create and host the Page on our public instance.

You can be assured that we will maintain our public server over the coming 
years and your Page will remain available and have a stable URL.

> Also, are there any tutorials/pages on how to create Published Pages in 
> Galaxy in the first place?

Not yet, though the idea is for the Page editor to be self explanatory. Here's 
how to get started with Pages:

(a) from User menu, go to Saved Pages;
(b) create a Page;
(c) edit the Page using the Web-based editor; there are menus for inserting 
embedded datasets, workflows, histories, and visualizations as well as 
performing standard word-processing operations.

Let us know if you have problems/questions and we'll start a guide for creating 


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