So I'm trying to install the recently migrated ncbi_blast_plus tool from the 
Tool Shed to my local galaxy instance running in EC2 and am getting errors at 
the installation step.

After clicking "Install to local Galaxy" I immediately get: "Server Error An 
error occurred. See the error logs for more information. (Turn debug on to 
display exception reports here)" and an HTTP 500 error code is returned. Chrome 
tells me the URL it's attempting to request is:

I tried the same process for other non-blast related tools that appeared to be 
simple (no 3rd party binary dependencies) and got the same server error.

I restarted galaxy with its log level set to DEBUG and wasn't illuminated 
further, but that doesn't surprise me since my browser's requesting data from 
the public toolshed, not my server.

I just performed a mercurial update in my cluster, too.

Any ideas?
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