Hello Galaxy,

I have a dataset about 20.8GB to work with using the NGS analysis. I FTPd the 
dataset and created a workflow for the analysis and ran the job on the entire 
20.8GB on Galaxy main around september 27th.

I waited on about two to four days .....no output of any sort !
I had requested the results be saved in a different history. I checked , but no 
new history with results was created !

I reran the job again after a week or so and still no results !

I had tried running this on small dataset and it had worked earlier ! Anyhow, 
getting back to this proble,m I have NOT receive any error message however , my 
USAGE bar on the top right is at 90% !! So I went back and deleted the old 
copies of my history I had , even so the usage bar is still at 90%!
Before I ran my workflow I had the usage bar being way less !

Please can u let me know what is happening? Why I have not received any results 
on my analysis yet? I really need to get this done ASAP !

Thanks so much for all your help !



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