Hi all,

I have some previously exported Histories saved as files. I want to import
them to Galaxy but I can't work out how. I suspect I'm missing something

When I go to the History panel drop-down menu and select 'Export to File',
I get a downloaded tar.gz file.
When I select 'Import from File', I get a text box that asks me for the
Archived History URL. But, I don't have a URL - I have a file on my local
machine which I got by exporting as above.

I have been able to import Histories directly from running Galaxy
instances, by the way, I just can't work out how to do it from a file.
Since it's possible to export them to a file in the first place, I am
guessing that there's a way to import them too?

I noticed that the forms for importing Histories and importing Workflows
(.../workflow/import_workflow) are different in that the Workflows version
explicitly asks for either a URL or for a local file. So, I have been able
to successfully import Workflows from json files, but am confused about

Thanks for any help!



Clare Sloggett
Research Fellow / Bioinformatician
Life Sciences Computation Centre
Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative
University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus
187 Grattan Street, Carlton, Melbourne
Victoria 3010, Australia
Ph: 03 903 53357          M: 0414 854 759
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