My subject is at the border between Galaxy and Condor

I'found method to use Galaxy with condor cluster solution.

In fact I have wrote a script when Galaxy call clustalw2 , it calls in fact a script called clustalw2.

All run exactly as I want excepting ... but Galaxy get in error and said there was a problem

I turn my script to debug mode and it puts followings output

+ prog=/usr/bin/clustalw2
+ err=0
+ infile=-infile=/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_11.dat
+ seqnos=-SEQNOS=OFF
+ typeseq=-TYPE=DNA
+ var6=
+ var7=
+ var8=
+ var9=
+ echo

++ echo -infile=/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_11.dat
++ sed -e s/-infile=//
+ infile2=/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_11.dat
++ sed -e 's/galaxy_dataset_\(.*\)\.dat//'
++ sed -e s/-outfile=//
++ echo 
+ WorkingDir=/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/job_working_directory/000/46/
+ mkdir -p /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/job_working_directory/000/46/
+ mkdir -p /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/job_working_directory/000/46/
+ mkdir -p /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/job_working_directory/000/46/
+ [[ -n /usr/bin/clustalw2==clustalw2 ]]
+ echo 'universe                = vanilla'
+ echo 'executable              = /usr/bin/mpirun '
+ echo 'arguments               = "-np 10 -hostfile /home/galaxy/hostfile 
/usr/bin/clustalw-mpi -infile=/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_11.dat 
+ echo 'Getenv                  = True
machine_count           = 1
transfer_input_files    = /home/galaxy/hostfile,/usr/bin/clustalw-mpi, 
should_transfer_files   = yes
Log                     = /home/galaxy/logs/normal.$(cluster).$(process).log
Output                  = /home/galaxy/logs/normal.$(cluster).$(process).out
Error                   = /home/galaxy/logs/normal.$(cluster).$(process).error
notification            = never
queue 1'
+ /usr/bin/condor_submit /home/galaxy/submit
Submitting job(s).
1 job(s) submitted to cluster 179.

I suspect the method I use, doesn't return properly information to galaxy ... but I don't know what I can do ...

Any Idea ...
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