Hello,  I have successfully used the public server for processing RNAseq
data but I have run into some problems this weekend.  And this weekend
there were various times when I would get a message that Galaxy was not

Specifically, I received some new 50bp single-ended RNAseq data and
proceeded to process it through the public server as I have done
successfully before.

I concatenated it the subfiles into one fastq file, transferred it to
Galaxy, groomed it just to be safe, looked at its quality and did not have
to trim it and then I passed it on to Tophat. [all in the same manner that
had worked for me before]

It consisted of 4, approximately 15gb files.  While i was moving these
files individuallly into the Tophat stage this weekend  there were
interruptions in the availability of Galaxy.  I waited during the weekend,
one set of the 4 Tophat files for one of the 4 datasets was processed but
then 1 file that I had processed during the interruption turned out to have
errors, so I deleted it and re-entered it, another set was processing
overnight and then it turned out to have errors.  So thinking that maybe 3
of the 4 sets for some reason had problems, I deleted them, re entered
them.  One was going overnight and into the day and this morning it had

Since i am not sure how to read these errors, I am at a loss as to what is
happening, particularly since one of my files was successfully processed
through Tophat.  This is the readout for one of the 4 Tophat files that
were in error.  Any advice on this would be welcome since I hope to soon
have a 64gb ram computer with 12 cores to transfer Galaxy to.

43: Tophat for Illumina on data 8: accepted_hits
An error occurred with this dataset: *TopHat v1.4.0 tophat -p 8
/galaxy/main_pool/pool7/files/006/143/dataset_6143636.dat Exception in
thread Thread-1: Traceback (most recent call last): File
"/usr/global/python/2.6.5/lib/python2.6/threading.py", l*


Elwood Linney
Duke University Medical Center
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