Has anyone run into this?  I'm building a general-purpose filter control on 
my galaxy tool xml template for enabling numeric fields to be filtered by > 
< etc. parameters - in a user friendly way.  I have a select list <para> 
driven by a data table: ...
  <param name="filter_column" type="select" label="Col">        <options 
from_data_table="bccdc_blast_fields" />  </param>...This works fine in 
building a list of fields to select from.  Then I add   <filter 
type="sort_by" column="1"/>   <filter type="add_value" name="TESTESTTEST" 
value="WHWHWHW" />
but nothing happens, sort remains incorrect and no extra value.  I try 
these same filters on a previous <param> in form that is driven by <options 
from_file="bccdc_blast_bins.loc"> and they work fine.  
 I also tried applying <fiilter type="static_value" ...> to no avail on 
from_data_table options tag, but from from_file options, no problem. 
 So I start to think there's a bug whereby NO filters work on  <options 
from_data_table="bccdc_blast_fields" /> input?  I've surveyed the 
galaxy.tools.parameters.dynamic_optionspython code, but can't see a 
decision point there in which from_data_table work vs from_file choice is 
made; is it in another script file?
I'm using a BioLinux 2012 install that includes Galaxy.  
Help appreciated!
Damion DooleyBC Centre for Disease ControlVancouver, BC
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