Mensaxe para "optar" a estar na beta 3 do Thunderbird 3. 

TOPIC: Thunderbird 3 beta3 firm string freeze approaching

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Date: Mon 13 Jul 2009 02:07
From: Simon Paquet

Hey guys,

this is just to let you know that tomorrow night at 23:59 PST we will
enter the firm string freeze for Thunderbird 3 beta3. We've already
been in the slushy string freeze phase for 11 days as of today.

Looking at the dashboard[*] 25 locales are already green and 11 more
only have a relatively low number of missing strings (less than 75).
Hopefully these locales and other can still make it for TB3 beta3.

Please remember that you can commit and push your latest changes up
until Thursday, July 16 23:59 PST and opt-in with your locale. I will
post an opt-in thread shortly.


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