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> Eu nunca probo as betas, que non me furrulan os complementos e non podo
> vivir sen eles :D
> 2010/6/23 Enrique Estévez Fernández <eu en keko.me>
> Boas.
>> Cópiovos o correo que me envían desde mozilla para participar con
>> feedback nas betas do Firefox 4. Como o vedes? Eu non vou a ter tempo
>> e meu inglés non dá para tanto. Se alguen quere participar, que avise
>> e miramos como xestionalo, pero que sepa que isto require un
>> compromiso e traballo.
>> Dear Mozilla Contributor,
>> You are receiving this message because you're one of the Mozilla local
>> community leaders contributing to the Firefox project.
>> As you may know, Mozilla is working hard on Firefox 4 and we have very
>> high expectations for the release. The core themes of Firefox are speed,
>> empowerment and user control.
>> We're improving a lot of aspects of Firefox to reach this goal, and we
>> want to involve our community more directly than ever in the development
>> process.
>> To do this, we are launching a new and improved beta program that's all
>> about getting user feedback and implementing that feedback as necessary
>> to make the best Firefox 4 we can.
>> We are targeting a much more diverse group of users, both in type and
>> amount.  To give you some context, we usually have around 1M users
>> before an official product launch.
>> This time around, we want to bring more mainstream users into the beta
>> program much, much earlier.  We also want to get somewhere between 2-4
>> Million users before the official Firefox 4 launch.
>> Because you represent Mozilla in your locale, we hope that you (or
>> someone from your team) will volunteer to be the Firefox 4 beta feedback
>> ambassador. What that means is that we would like your help gathering
>> web users from your region, opening up specific Firefox 4 beta forums on
>> your community web site, gathering a relevant feedback (for example,
>> Firefox 4 does not work with a popular site in your locale or, Feature X
>> is hard to discover/use for our users) and reporting back translated
>> concerns to the Firefox 4 team.
>> What to Expect
>> If you want to volunteer, please let Laura Mesa (CC'ed), one of the
>> Product Marketing Managers for Firefox, know.
>> She will add you to a Feedback list email list.  With every beta
>> release, she will send you a list of questions/issues that the Product
>> Team would like to know about. She will then ask you to ask those
>> questions to your community members in any central hub of your choice
>> (your local community forum, web oriented newsgroup, your blog, social
>> network) and moderate feedback discussion. Ultimately we'd like to ask
>> you to gather the summary and key points from the discussion and provide
>> us short summary of the feedback which we will append to other feedback
>> results we get. .
>> We hope to run this cycle of feedback with each beta and are expecting
>> between 4 and 5 betas, each cycle lasting 2-3 weeks.
>> The program is fully voluntary and it is not part of the Firefox 4
>> release process, so feel free to skip it if you don't think you have the
>> resources to lead it.
>> Once again, if you do want to participate, please confirm with myself
>> and Laura Mesa and we will add your team/email to our list.
>> Thank you!
>> gandalf & laura
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