Yes, we are interested. The translation of Thunderbird is complete.
We're now on the evidence (that way). We are not taking time.

We would like official version. We want an official version for all
products. Alexandru (Narro) will update our repositories.

I have no account of mercurial. I am a rookie coordinator. Have the bug open.


> Therefore, are you ready for the Galician locale to be included in
> Thunderbird 3.1.x or is there more work to do yet?

Yes, we are ready. Includes Galician.

> We are intending on doing a build of Thunderbird 3.1.1 tomorrow (Tuesday
> 13th), so we would need to know as soon as possible. If you want to be
> included in 3.1.1, then we would include you as a beta locale (in the same
> way as beta locales for Firefox), and then we'd consider making you a full
> locale for Thunderbird 3.1.2.


> If you could sign your locale off on the dashboard, that would be a very
> useful indication if you want to be included, but responding either way
> would be useful to me.

Do not do it. Can you help me.

> Thanks
> Mark.


Responderlle a