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I am unable to read and display the structure of the following XML file xml.xml:
Does anyone have an idea or suggestion or even a finished solution for the above mentioned task? My projects with >XmlDocument and XmlReader do not display the structure of the xml.xml file correctly. But: Other XML files are displayed >correctly. We are looking for a (general) solution for any XML files.

The problem in your code is here :

    For Each xChild In xmlElement.ChildElements
      'Extract Element-Value if the element has no children
      If (xChild.ChildElements.Count = 0) Then

You are assuming elements have either text or other elements in them, but your
E3 element has both.

To do this, you have to treat each element separately, and to iterate on all node types using the Children property (not just Elements, which is what the
ChildElements property does).

The attached example gives a simple solution to your problem.


Adrien Prokopowicz

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