Hi Jim and all,
For purposes of this discussion for the newbies I think we should make a 
destinction between VB, meaning VB 6 and before, and VB.NET meaning 
2002, 2003, and 2005.
The primary reason  for this destinction is that VB 6 and earlier were 
not primarily concerned with object oriented design concepts although it 
did have some. In VB.NET 2002 and later Microsoft adopted a Java-style 
object oriented design for VB.NET, C-Sharp, C++.NET, and that through 
old VB programmers for a loop. Suddenly, they had to relearn how to 
program using an Java-style object oriented design rather than the way 
they had been doing things.
For those of us who had worked with Java the idea everything was based 
on an oop design was no big deal. The concepts were simple, and got on 
with learning on how it was to be written.
Another point to make a destinction is in VB 6 we often imported Win32 
dll files in our projects, and in VB.NET we depend heavily on the .NET 
Framework and not the Win32 API directly.
In short Microsoft made several drastic changes between VB 6 and VB.NET 
2002 and later which in many ways almost made VB.NET a completely 
different language except for the common language coding conventions, etc.

Jim Kitchen wrote:
> Hi Liam,
> I'm with you.  Visual Basic, DirectX and the sapi5 TTS is what works for me 
> as well.

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